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Lovable Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s day is just around the corner, so it’s time to zero in on what hairstyle is right for your child. There are so many styles to choose from up-dos, braids, twists, or just a simple bun the choice is yours. Check out some of our previous reader favorite hairstyles:

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  • To get started you must know what hair texture your child has. This will help to know how much time you’ll need to prep.

    Natural hair is broken down in a chart like grid. Depending on your child’s texture he or she could have 3a/3b/3c or 4a/4b/4c hair. All of the textures in the 3 bracket have a looser curl pattern than the curls in the 4 bracket. 4a/4b/4c goes from tight to the tightest curl pattern you can possibly have.

    Once you have decided which curl pattern your child has, then here comes the fun part, choosing the style that works best for him or her. The pattern should be easy for the child to work with. Valentine’s day this year falls on a Sunday so most likely your child will not be in school but at another activity. Maybe the activity will be a play date or even a Valentine’s day party. For occasions like this up-dos, twist outs, and braids work best, mohawk might be a nice style to choose also.


    Have Fun

    Make it fun for your child, ask if there’s anything they would like to be added in the hair like red and pink ribbons, Valentine’s Day inspired hair ties/scunci or heart beads. You can purchase all these hair accessories at stores such as Claire’s or you can shop online for them. Involve your child in picking which hair style they want, that way you can be assured that they will love it.


    Choose the Right Products

    Next you’ll need to choose which hair products are going to be used. Remember all of this prep work is necessary so when the appointed time comes you’ll be ready to accomplish a beautiful look. Cantu and Shea Moisture have great styling products to give your child’s hair a healthy shine and to keep it moisturized. Last but not least you’ll need Eco – Styler Gel, this gel is the ultimate natural hair product because it provides a hold on your hair that lasts for days.

    Cantu has a styling custard just for kids, it won the 2015 Naturally Curly Editors Choice Best Kids Collection Award. It holds ponytails, and buns in place for hours. It is infused with natural Shea butter, honey and coconut oil. This product will leave your child’s hair soft and nourished. You can purchase this product at Walmart, Target and Walgreens alongside your local beauty supply store.

    Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie is great for that perfect twist out. If your child’s hair is normally frizzy, this product works wonders. The Neem Oil reduces frizz and smooths hair leaving a velvety feel to the hair. The coconut oil’s job in this product is to hydrate the hair follicle and cut down the risk of breakage. The silk protein in the smoothie forgive the pun, leaves the hair “ silky smooth.” Purchasing this product is easy, it can found on the official website of the company or in your local drugstore nationwide. Your child will love how it smells.

    Eco – Styler Gel has great reviews all over YouTube and the Internet for the results it gives each and every time you use it. This product is a no brainer, any one can use it. It is usually applied with your hands just choose the desired amount you would like to use and just comb it through your hair with your hands. The more product you use the more hold you’ll have. If you’re child loves their hairstyle this will ensure they can have it for days to come. The gel gives hold without weighing down the hair and it has zero alcohol. Alcohol is known for drying out hair, especially natural hair so don’t use any products with alcohol.

    Below you can find step by step directions for a slick bun, and a perfect twist out enjoy !


    Slick Bun Routine

    Materials needed

    • Eco Styler Gel
    • Denman brush
    • 1 Hair Tie/ Scunci
    • 1 Old Toothbrush
    • 1 Satin Head wrap
    1. Apply Eco Styler around your the edges of your child’s hair
    2. Brush the product into the hair
    3. Put the hair in a high bun using a hair tie/Scunci
    4. Use the toothbrush to lay down baby hairs
    5. Put on Satin Head wrap to help keep hair tamed until party time


    Perfect Twist Out Routine

    Materials needed

    • Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie/ Cantu Styling Custard
    • Eco Styler Gel
    • 3 Hair Ties/ Scunci
    • 1 Spray Bottle
    1. Spray hair with water using your spray bottle
    2. Apply desired amount of smoothie/custard
    3. Section hair into four sections leaving one section out
    4. Apply Eco styler gel using your hand to the section you left out
    5. Start from the top of your hair to the bottom with product
    6. Twist your hair using the 2 strand twist method
    7. Repeat until your are finished with all sections

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