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21 adorable toddler hairstyles for girls

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toddler hairstyles for girls



Picture this, it’s “Washday Saturday” and you are wondering which toddler hairstyles to pick for your toddler that will last for a week, or at least a few days.

Or, maybe its early in the morning and you need a quick and cute toddler hairstyle for your little one that will get you out the door in 10 minutes or less.

Check out these 20 adorable toddler hairstyles for when you are running low on time or just running low on inspiration!



When you are running low on time

These quick and easy hairstyles take all of 5 minutes or less to do. All you need is a moisturizing spray, a brush, a rattail comb for parting and loose fitting hair ties.



When you want to switch it up

Tired of your little one wearing the same hairstyles week after week? Try your hand at these adorable and creative styles. With any hairstyle, make sure that the hair ties and rubber bands aren’t pulling the hair strands too tight.



When your little one’s hair needs a break

If your little one’s hair grows slowly or you have noticed your child’s hair thinning or bumpy around the hairline then that is a sign that their hair needs a break. These warning signs are the result of hairstyles that pull too tight on the hair line causing breakage and stress bumps. If your child’s edges are getting a little thin, check out these 5 tips on regrowing edges.

Try these styles for a few weeks to give their hair some much needed rest.

To care for hair that is left to hang loose, make sure to moisturize daily, finger detangle only, and protect the hair at night with a satin bonnet and/or pillowcase.



When you have braiding skills

For those of you who know how to cornrow, these styles are for you! Cornrowed styles can last for weeks, as long as you maintain the style by wrapping it up at night, saving you precious minutes in the morning while getting ready.


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