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16 Epic Fade Haircut Designs for Boys

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infographic boys haircut design

Boys no longer have to get the traditional fade haircuts and line-ups of the past. Instead, they are now choosing to branch off into some old school and new school styles. Some haircuts are futuristic while others can be found on 90’s shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The bond between a boy or man and their barber is a relationship that lasts a lifetime. Once you find the right barber he can’t be replaced, unless you move or something else drastic happens.

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    Fresh and Edgy

    These haircuts are a prime examples of how modern day barbers are using new techniques to impress their customers. Hair cuts like these give young boys something to look forward to on Saturday mornings when they go for their haircuts. These haircuts are fresh, edgy, and clean. They are conversation starters and cause quite a buzz on the playground or in school.

    hieroglyphics faded haircut design
    swirl faded haircut design

    90’s High Top

    This trendy hair cut is a 1990’s favorite. Whether you’re a fan of Hip Hop or Rap I’m sure you’ve seen at least one celebrity with this haircut. Basketball star Iman Shumpret rocked this cut in 2015 for months to games and other events. This high top fade has been seen in movies like Class Act which premiered in 1992, starring Kid n Play. Kid sported this look throughout the movie, he also modeled the look in House Party 1,2, and 3.

    high top boys faded haircut design

    Geometric Awesomeness

    If your son is a lover of math then a geometric shading haircut will be perfect for him. Patterns and shapes are all the rage now, this haircut adds character. A good haircut adds to any outfit, if your hairstyle is on point, your whole outfit is on point!

    3d cube faded haircut design


    Does your son watch basketball? Then I’m sure he has a favorite player. Stephen Curry is currently the most talked about basketball star now, his team the Golden State Warriors won the championship last year and was recently on a winning streak since the start of the season. So if your son is interested in basketball he might want to get a Jordan jump man stretch drawn on the side of his head.

    jumpman boys faded haircut design

    All Star

    A star is born, was the title of a best selling Jay-Z song back in 2009. These haircuts are definitely celebrity worthy. If your son is hoping to be famous one day, he might want to start now by getting a star shaded in during his weekly haircut. His barber is sure to know how to achieve these looks with ease.

    star boys faded haircut design

    Bird Man

    A care free young man might want to do something different and get a feather etched in his regular Caesar haircut. Feathers have been long known to represent the ability to live more freely. Your son might be a dreamer, always thinking of the bigger picture and the task at hand, a haircut like this is perfect for him.

    feather boys faded haircut design

    Simply Show Stopping

    You might come across a school boy who doesn’t want anything too fancy but also doesn’t want a regular haircut. These simple fade haircut line designs are ideal, it doesn’t come across as trying too hard and not trying at all, it is right in the middle. Good for making a great first impression at any school event.

    heartbeat faded haircut design
    signature boys faded haircut design
    arrow boys faded haircut design

    Show Your Artistic Side

    Maybe your son or nephews likes art. This next hair cut would be one of his top choices, alongside the abstract hair cut. The pattern drawn on these young man resembles something out of painting. Contemporary enough to make a lasting impression without a lot of fuss. Boys might not always say it out loud but they all want to look good.

    swordfish boys faded haircut design
    graffiti art faded haircut design

    What a Marvel

    The second to last haircut is for the gamer, or the son who likes comic books. Marvel’s Spider-Man is and will always be a favorite of young boys and teenagers. His spidey senses will be tingling when he sees this style. He can ask his barber to etch a spiderweb right on the side of his head and he’ll be the envy of his classmates. We guarantee it.

    spiderman boys faded haircut design

    Maze Runner

    Last but not least are these fade haircuts with a swirl. Even though it takes time to get this result, it is worth the wait. Fades are super clean, ask any guy there’s nothing like a fresh fade. This style requires the barber to show off his skills by letting the hair on the young mans head to disappear into thin air.

    squiggly lines boys faded haircut design
    bull horns boys faded haircut design
    stingray tail faded haircut design

    Any one of these epic fade haircut designs are sure to please your son or nephew. Take them to get their haircut and secure a lasting bond between them and their barber. The barbershop is a place of choices, you can be who you want by simply getting a haircut, it’s life changing.

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