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It Takes a Village, a Video, and a Lollipop to Wash My Child’s Hair!

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After two weeks of playing and sharing her food with her hair, it’s wash day. This whole year I’ve been washing her hair in sections while she’s trapped in her high chair. It takes a really long time, my feet ache afterwards, and there is water everywhere. Why? Because the Boo does not like water on her face, near her face, around her face, or on the word face. Today I decided we’re going back to the sink come hell or high water! I don’t care if she screams and hollers she’ll thank me later. Our last time at the sink she screamed while her Dad complained. This time I came up with the brilliant suggestion to let her wash her Doc McStuffins doll’s hair in the sink to show her that it’s ok. She washed Doc and was very happy with the results.

Me: Boo it’s time to wash your hair in the sink now.

Boo: No! I don’t want to wash my hair!

Me: But you get to lie down and the water won’t get in to your eyes.

Boo: No!

Cut to her Dad holding his phone over her as it plays Little Einsteins while she is sucking on a Tootsie Roll pop.

In between Einsteins and the tootsie pop she wines and still cries. At the end I put her down; she turns to me and says “That was fun Mommy!!!”


Written by Lola I.
Mother to a very lovely and opinionated 3 year old

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