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Guest Post : How to choose the perfect salon for your child’s natural hair

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Not every parent has the time and/or patience to style their child’s hair, especially if they have to style more than one child’s hair. Likewise, not every little girl likes to get their hair done at home. Its not unusual for a child to be well behaved when someone else is doing their hair, especially if its in a public environment such as a salon.

Depending on your city of residence, you might be fortunate to have a few natural hair salons or friends and family members who are really good at handling kids natural hair. However, the reality is that many parents just don’t have this option and so they have to do their child’s hair by themselves or be on the look out for someone else who can relive them of this duty from time to time.

How to find the right salon

When deciding on the salon or person to outsource your hair styling duties to, I will recommend the following tips

  • Keep an eye out for a child with natural hair at your child’s school or any where else. After complimenting the child’s hair, kindly ask for the details of the person who did the hair. If the stylist happens to be the mother of the child, ask if she does other kids hair or knows someone who does.
  • If you’d rather go with an established salon, ask around for recommended salons that deals with children’s natural hair. After you’ve gathered a list of prospective salons, make sure you have a list of questions on hand to ask these salons so that you can filter through unsuitable salons.

Some of the questions you can ask are:

  1. How long have they been in the business?
  2. The minimum age a child has to be to get her hair done at the salon
  3. Ask if they offer a free consultation and during the consultation, ask them about the technique they would use to style your child’s hair, i.e blow outs, combing, brushing e.t.c
  4. How long it takes them on average to complete a particular hairstyle
  5. How much they charge to style a particular hairstyle
  6. How to take care of the style at home

Extra Tip:

After you’ve settled with your top two or three salons, you can then pay a visit to each salon to ask for more detailed information. This will also allow you to get a feel for the environment so you can see how they interact with both adult and kid customers. Also, it gives the stylist the opportunity to do a consultation on your child’s hair before she comes in to the salon to get their hair done.

The experiences of you and your daughter will help you both decide on the best salon which your child can grow with through a long lasting relationship with the stylists and salon owner.
How did you choose the perfect salon for your child?

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