Protect Your Hair While You Sleep

How to choose the right products and tools for your child’s hair

It seems like it was only yesterday that I was aimlessly searching for the right products for my child’s hair. $100s in hair care products later, I think I’ve finally found the right products to use for my daughters. Check out the resources below to learn more about how to choose the right products for your child’s hair.

1. How to make your own natural hair care products

Restore your hair’s moisture, shine, and strength with our DIY Natural Hair Recipe eBook! Over 50 DIY recipes with ingredients you already have in your kitchen cabinet! Learn more: DIY Natural Hair Recipe Book

2. How to save money on hair care products

spending on hair care products

We polled our Natural Hair Kids Instagram family and found that the average person spends roughly $30 – $40 A MONTH on hair care products. And that’s just for one person. If you have little naturals at home, that can easily rise to $100/month. Learn how to save money when buying hair care products:

3. Best natural hair products for kids

With the growing popularity of the “natural hair movement” natural hair companies are now rushing to cater to a new customer base; children! You’d be happy to know that some of your favorite natural hair companies have launched natural hair product lines for kids! Learn more:

4. Best Shampoo for Your Child’s Natural Hair

best shampoo for kids

Out of all the products you’ll acquire throughout your child’s natural hair journey, shampoo is one of the most valuable weapons you’ll ever have against unruly, untamed, product overloaded hair. Learn how to choose the right shampoo:

5. Best Conditioners for Kids with Kinky, Curly and Coily Hair

best conditioner for kids with kinky, curly and coily hair

Whether you’re using it to follow up behind your favorite shampoo or adding it to a co-wash on your little one’s coils, there are a few things you should know about conditioners before getting started. Learn more:

6. Understanding moisturizers, butters and oils

Check out this article in order to make sense of moisturizers, butters and oils. Don’t get caught up in the hype, and go and buy out the whole beauty supply store, read our article first:

7. A List of Must Have Tools Every Natural Hair Kid Should Have

Natural Hair Tools Infographic
Natural Hair Tools Infographic

While we can get caught up in the need to find the perfect product for our child’s hair type, we can’t overlook the most important part of our defense – styling tools. Even the best products in the world can’t work on their own. When it comes to working on little kinky coils, it’s best to arm yourself with everything you need at once. Here are all of the tools that you’ll need:

8. The Best Satin Lined Winter Hats for Kids and Adults

Our big curls and coils need satin-lined hats that can cover our entire head. Wool hats that our currently on the market smash our curls and cause frizzy mess when we take the hats off. Here are some super stretchy, satin-lined knit winter hats for women:

9. Why satin is a must for natural hair care

Cotton, while it can be soft and cozy, when used as a pillowcase or bandana, can cause serious damage and breakage to the hair. Cotton is very absorbent, acting like a sponge, drawing all of the moisture from our hair, leaving it dry and brittle. Here is how and why satin is so necessary for healthy natural hair: