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The Best Satin Lined Winter Hats for Kids and Adults

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How does satin help natural hair?

Cotton, while it can be soft and cozy, when used as a pillowcase or bandana, can cause serious damage and breakage to the hair. Cotton is very absorbent, acting like a sponge drawing all of the moisture from your hair, leaving it dry and brittle.

Satin pillowcases and satin bonnets, on the other hand, help the hair retain moisture and shine while significantly reducing frizz and breakage. Some companies even offer satin products that have been treated with natural oils that provide an added layer of moisture while you sleep.

While there is no magic potion or formula to help grow hair faster, protecting hair from rubbing against abrasive fabrics and helping it to maintain its moisture will definitely keep the hair healthy and help it grow long and strong!

Check out our satin bonnetssatin pillowcases or other satin accessories for you and your curly cutie!

Best satin lined winter hats for women with natural hair

Our big curls and coils need satin-lined hats that can cover our entire head. Wool hats that our currently on the market smash our curls and cause frizzy mess when we take the hats off. Here are some super stretchy, satin-lined knit winter hats for women:

There are even some super cute mommy and me satin lined winter hat sets:

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Best satin lined winter hats for men

We can’t forget about our curly head men! While we love men with low cut fades, those with curls and coils need protection during the winter as well! Check out these solid color satin lined winter hats for men:

Best satin lined winter hats for kids

The struggle is real! There are so many adorable cute winter hats out there. The only problem is that they damage our child’s hair! Here are some satin lined knit hats that will keep your child’s hairstyles intact when they get to school or daycare.

Best satin lined winter hats for babies and toddlers

We can’t forget about the babies! Infants and toddlers have some of the most delicate strands. It can be so stressful trying to prevent cradle cap, infant hair loss or just keeping those strands healthy. If you need a simple hair care regimen for babies, check out this ebook:

Check out these adorable satin lined winter hats for babies and toddlers:

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