Protect Your Hair While You Sleep


Use Satin to Help Grow Natural Hair

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Cotton, while it can be soft and cozy, when used as a pillowcase or bandana, can cause serious damage and breakage to the hair. Cotton is very absorbent, acting like a sponge, drawing all of the moisture from our hair, leaving it dry and brittle. And we’re not even going to get started on edges. You might as well say bye-bye to those!

Satin bonnets from the beauty supply store or bedazzled bonnets also pose a hazard to your hair. The elastic around them causes friction against the hair and they are also super absorbent which means it will absorb the moisture right out of your hair.

Charmeuse Satin pillowcases and satin bonnets, on the other hand, help the hair retain moisture and shine while significantly reducing frizz and breakage. Our company even offers satin bonnets that have been treated with natural oils in order to provide an added layer of moisture while you sleep.

While there is no magic potion or formula to help grow hair faster, protecting hair from rubbing against abrasive fabrics and helping it to maintain its moisture will definitely keep the hair healthy and help it grow long and strong!

Check out The Natural Hair Shop at to purchase a satin bonnet, satin pillowcase or other satin accessories for you and your curly cutie!