Protect Your Hair While You Sleep

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5 steps for a better natural hair bed time routine

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Getting your child’s hair ready for bed just got a little easier! Check out these 5 easy steps for a better natural hair bed time routine!

Remove all barrettes and hair ties

Remove all unnecessary barrettes from your little one’s hair before she goes to sleep. She will sleep better without them pressing up against her head and breakage is less likely to occur. The hair also gets a break from the pulling and tugging.


To save time in the morning, spray a moisturizing mist on the hair from root to tip. You don’t have to go out and buy the latest and greatest moisturizing spray. You can make your own within minutesmoisturizing spritzer 4 by just adding raw honey (1 tbsp), coconut oil (2 tbsps), Vitamin E oil (2 tsp), Lavender Essential Oil (2-3 drops) and distilled water (1/2 cup) to a spray bottle. Shake the bottle to mix the ingredients and spray liberally throughout the hair. Massage the mist into the hair and scalp and cover with a satin bonnet. Using a bonnet keeps the hair from getting dry. In the morning you will see that her hair is easy to manipulate and quite moisturized for the day.


Say “No” to cotton pillowcases and cheap bonnets!

You spend hours doing her hair, she goes to sleep, and the next morning…TADA, a hot mess! Enter the bonnet. It may take some getting used to but your daughter should definitely where one every night. Does it stay on?Brushstrokes Satin Bonnet It should, especially if you use one with a satin elastic drawstring to customize the fit like the ones at The Natural Hair Shop. However, as a backup she should sleep on a satin pillowcase. The bonnet will keep her hair moisturized and her hairstyle fresher longer since the hair won’t be constantly rubbing against a cotton pillowcase. Cotton pillowcases can cause major breakage (bye bye edges) and absorb any and all moisture in the hair.

Temporary protective style

This step is especially useful if your daughter is wearing her hair in an afro or twist out. Just twist her hair into large sections and secure at the top of her head (called the pineapple method) with a satin scrunchie. This will make sure that the hair does not get matted or tangled throughout the night (especially if you have a wild sleeper).

Pick out a hair style ahead of time

Save time in the morning by taking a few minutes before bed to select a hairstyle for your little one. Just go to our Instagram page to get some hairstyle inspiration. Have your daughter pick out a couple of her favorite hairstyles and keep those in mind for when you are styling her hair in the morning. Having a plan well alleviate a lot of stress and save you a few extra minutes in the morning.