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How often should you wash your child’s natural hair?

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“How often should I wash my child’s hair?” is a common question that we get asked by parents wanting to keep their child’s hair healthy and moisturized.

If you are a parent wanting to know when you should wash your child’s hair, there are a few things you should consider:

What is your child’s hair type?

Gone are the days of looking at your child’s curl pattern, assigning it a hair type and buying products based on that one factor. There are a lot more detailed ways to determine your child’s hair type these days so don’t just base your decision off that one thing.

Below is a general rule to follow when washing your child’s natural hair:

Hair Characteristics Frequency
Straight, fine, oily hair Wash daily or every other day
Wide curls, moderately oily hair Wash once per week
Tight curls and coils, dry hair Wash once every two to three weeks


How old is your child?

Your child’s age also determines how often you should wash their hair.

Age Frequency
Newborns and infants Generally, newborns and infants should have their hair washed every time they are bathed. A light oil such as coconut or olive oil should be applied to damp hair after it is washed.
Toddlers and Preschoolers Children this age tend to get all kinds of sand, dirt, food and other random objects in their hair. It’s best to wash their hair once every 7-10 days. Make sure to add the moisture that was lost due to washing using the L.O.C. method
Elementary Schoolers and Teenagers Wash once every two to three weeks


How dirty is your child’s hair?

If your child’s hair has been playing in the sand, swimming, sweating or has visible lint and/or product build up in their hair, then it’s time to wash it. Don’t delay! Wash immediately!

product build up natural hair

Does your child’s hair smell?

Get a good whiff of your child’s hair and scalp and you should be able to determine if it’s wash time! Any unpleasant or sour smells should be a great indication that it is time to wash your child’s hair.

Is your child’s hair itchy?

This is also very easy to determine. If you see your child constantly scratching their head, then the hair likely has a lot of product buildup and needs to be cleansed. Also check for small flakes in the scalp as this could be a sign of dandruff.

When was the last time you washed their hair?

If all else fails, recall the last time you washed your child’s hair. If it has been over a month, then it’s time! If your child has had a hairstyle like braids or extensions in their hair and you just took the style down, then it is time for a wash!

Creating a proper wash routine for your child’s hair will keep it healthy and help it to grow and thrive!

How often do you wash your child’s hair?