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The L.O.C. Method – Leave-In/Liquid, Oil, Cream

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If you are like most parents that struggle to keep their curly kids’ hair moisturized, then you might want to try the LOC method (Leave-In/Liquid, Oil, Cream). The LOC method has been praised by tons of parents for its ability to keep hair moisturized for days on end. The name signifies the order in which products should be applied to the hair. This layering of products ensures maximum moisture retention by using oils and butters to seal moisture in as they are notorious for their ability to prevent water from evaporating from the hair shaft. To start using the LOC method, follow these simple steps while using the suggested LOC method products:

Leave-In Conditioner

Applying a pH-balanced leave-in conditioner is important because it closes the cuticles of your child’s hair shaft. This ensures that all the nutrients and moisture that you added during washing and conditioning don’t escape. It also leaves your child’s hair super soft and alleviates breakage due to dry hair.Some great leave-in conditioners to use in your child’s hair regimen are:


Oil helps seal in moisture. Apply a thin layer of oil to your hair to help lock in the moisture. Common oils are coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil and Jamaican black castor oil.Some great oils to use in your child’s hair regimen are:

Step 4

– Style hair as desired.


What products do you use for your LOC method?