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33 Natural Hairstyle Ideas for Kids

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For parents of little naturals with various textures, lengths and hair types, it can be a bit discouraging when trying to find cute hairstyle ideas for your child.

That overly complicated, beautiful natural hairstyle that you saw on your favorite Youtuber’s kid may not turn out looking the same due to a number of reasons (length, hair texture, density, curl pattern and/or your styling expertise). Worry not though, there are so many adorable natural hairstyle ideas for kids that you are bound to find a few that you and your little one will love! Check out these beautiful natural hairstyles for kids:


33 natural hairstyles for kids

Braided Natural Hairstyle Ideas for Kids

Braids are not only a great protective style, but they are also super easy to maintain. If your child is 5 years old and above, go ahead and add extensions to the braids if your child prefers.

If you know how to braid, then definitely give these styles a try, otherwise, you can find a hair salon that has a stylist who specializes in hair braiding.

French Braids

French braids are so versatile and easy to maintain that it’s no wonder that parents love these styles. Whether you decide to braid straight back or up into ponytails with ends of the hair left out, these styles are sure to put a smile on your little one’s face!

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Jumbo Twists

If your child is a fan of twists or twist outs, then Senegalese Twists, also known as rope twists, are a great choice. These rope twists are a favorite in the natural hair community because of the simplicity of the style. Senegalese twists are usually worn long or at medium length and can last you anywhere from 4 weeks to 8 weeks if you use a satin cap at night.

Mini Braids & Twists

Micro Braids are not for those who are short on time. This style is only recommended if you have lots of time on your hands and if your child doesn’t mind sitting down for a long period of time in the name of beauty. Although the installation of micro braids may take many hours, it is well worth it as micro braids can last up to 3 months when well maintained. The style is done by braiding or twisting small sections (no more than a half inch) of hair either with or without the addition of synthetic hair. You can also curl the ends of the hair using perm rods or rollers.

Here are some of our favorite synthetic hair brands:

Here’s a tip: If your child is allergic to synthetic hair but really wants to wear braids, you can soak the synthetic hair in Apple Cider Vinegar for 20 minutes. After the hair is finished soaking you can let the hair dry on a towel overnight if needed. The soaking will allow the chemical Alkaline to be removed from the hair allowing for the braiding hair not to irritate your daughter’s scalp anymore. Please be advised that regular vinegar will not work. If irritation still persists, then discontinue use of synthetic hair in your child’s hair.


Mohawks are so much fun and can be styled in so many ways. Whether you know how to braid or not, a mohawk style can easily be achieved with just a few ponytails gathered at the middle of the head secured by rubber bands or hair ties. If your child wants and extreme mohawk, then you can add synthetic hair to the ponytails for added length and fullness.

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Bantu Knots, Buns and Puff Balls

Bantu knots, buns and puff balls are easy to do and the results are super cute. Bantu knots are thought to have originated many centuries ago with the Zulu tribes in southern Africa.

Bantu Knots provide two, sometimes three, hairstyles in one. You can achieve this look by sectioning the hair into parts all over the head, then twisting those individual sections until they form mini knots.

After your child wears bantu knots for a few weeks, you can unravel the knots for bouncy and springy curls or waves.

Remember the key to a perfect Bantu knot is not winding the hair too tight, but tight enough to create a spring like coil against the scalp and securing the coil with a hair tie or rubber band.

Twist Out

Twist out hairstyles have become an all time favorite natural hair style for many parents of natural kiddos. It’s very easy to style and once you have this hair style down pat, nothing can stand in your child’s way of having a good hair day.

This style looks fabulous on any hair type and hair length. For best twist out results, do the following:

  • While your child’s hair is damp, apply products to the hair according to the LOC Method. This helps the hair retain moisture.
  • When you are finished applying the products to the hair, part the hair into small sections.
  • In each section make sure to do a simple two strand twist.
  • Continue this method until all of the hair has been twisted.
  • Allow the hair to dry completely either overnight while covered with a satin bonnet or scarf or have your child sit underneath a low-heat hair dryer for 20-30 minutes.
  • Once hair is dry, apply a little oil to your finger tips and gently unravel the twists.
400 hairstyles for girls
Need even more hairstyle ides for your princess?

Sponge Twists

Sponge Twists are the latest technique in achieving gorgeous curls on short hair. This technique is fail proof and only requires two things, wet and moisturized hair and a curl sponge. Apply Shea Moisture Curling Smoothie or Miss Jessie’s Quick Curls to your child’s damp hair and use the sponge in a circular motion all over their head to allow the hair to curl up. You will see results almost instantly when using a sponge. Here’e a tutorial:

Undercuts/Shaved Sides

If your daughter is a fan of the singer/dancer named Cassie she might like the shaved look. This style is not for everyone and can attract a lot of attention, both positive and negative.

Also keep in mind that girls sporting shaved hair might not follow certain school policies. But, if your child is willing to experiment with this style, and you as a parent are also on board with her expressing her creative side, then an undercut is the perfect choice!

If you aren’t quite ready to part with your little one’s locs just yet, you can also achieve the shaved look by slicking down the side of her head with gel that has super hold and then pinning the hair down where the gel ends. This can give her the shaved effect without the sacrifice.

T.W.A. (Teeny Weeny Afro)

The great thing about natural hair is that it’s very versatile. Having short natural hair doesn’t mean that your child is limited in the types of styles that they can have. There are so many beautiful and creative styles for short natural hair that your little one is sure to find a few that match her style.

If your daughter has a TWA and none of these styles will work for her, then consider just letting her rock her fro! There are so many ways to style a cute little afro such as adding a clip or hair bow, pulling it back with a headband, pinning up one side, or pulling the front into a ponytail and letting the back hang down. Even though the hair is short, there is no shortage of adorable hair styles!

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