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Tear Free Detangling in 5 Easy Steps

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One of the main reasons that parents dread wash day is because of the tear filled detangling process. If your little one runs and hides when you bring out the comb, then you are doing it wrong! Detangling should only be done when hair is soaking wet using your fingers or a wide tooth comb. If you hit a snag when detangling, don’t rip through the tangle with the comb. Stop, remove the comb, and attempt to work the tangle out using your fingers.

While detangling may seem like a very long and tedious process, it is crucial in retaining hair length, minimizing breakage and preventing knots and matting.

Try these 5 easy steps to help detangle your cutie’s hair sans tears!

You will need:

Spray bottle with distilled/filtered water

Conditioner (Use a cheap brand like Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner or V05 Stawberries & Cream Moisture Milks Moisturizing Conditioner

Wide Tooth Comb

Hair clips


Step 1: On soaking wet, clean hair, part hair into four sections and clip aside leaving one section out.

Step 2: Take the section that is left out and separate it into 3 smaller sections and clip aside leaving one section out.

Step 3: Apply a liberal amount (about a half dollar size) of conditioner to the hair from root to tips.

Step 4: Using a wide tooth comb, comb through hair beginning at the ends and gradually work your way to the roots. *Note: if you feel resistance, do not pull, remove the comb and start combing again at the ends and working towards the root/scalp.

Step 5: When the section has been completely detangled, double strand twist it and repeat with the next section until all of the hair has been detangled and twisted.

Step 6: Rinse out conditioner and style as desired.

Note: If hair begins to dry and becomes difficult to detangle, spray section liberally with water before applying conditioner.


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