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Stretching and Straightening Natural Hair Using Curlformers

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If you are looking for a gentler, heat-free way to straighten and stretch natural hair then you must try Curlformers! While their primary purpose is to help give hair beautiful spiral curls, many parents have opted to also use this method, instead of banding, to straighten hair. Want to give it a shot? Here’s what you should do:

Step 1:

Wash and condition hair.

Step 2:

Finger detangle hair while conditioner is still applied.

Step 3:

Rinse out conditioner completely using cool water and separate hair into 4 equal sections

Step 4:

Use the LOC method to apply products to the hair to seal in moisture.

Step 5:

Separate one of the sections into smaller sections and finger detangle again while applying a Curlformer to each of the small sections.

Step 6:

Repeat with each section until finished.

Step 7:

Let hair completely air dry. (Drying time depends on thickness and length of hair. After a few hours, test hair by removing one of the Curlformers and feeling the hair for dampness.)

Step 8:

Style hair as desired.

curlformers for natural hair

You can pick up Curlformers online or at your local Sally Beauty Supply store. Give it a try and make sure to send us your results!

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