Protect Your Hair While You Sleep

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How to Prevent Infant Hair Loss

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Due to the American Academy of Pediatric’s 1992 “Back to Sleep” campaign urging that infants younger than 1 year of age be put to sleep on their backs, there has been an increase in baby hair loss in the back of their heads. Other causes for infant balding can be attributed to multiple factors including: cradle cap, trichotillomania, ring worm, or frictional Alopecia, which is the abnormal loss of the hair root and hair shaft caused by the head rubbing against the abrasive properties of cotton. One way you can combat your baby’s hair loss and help keep those beautiful curls and coils moisturized and intact, is by lying them on a satin blanket or a blanket that has one side that is satin.

Putting a small satin blanket behind your child’s head when lying them on their back or placing them in their car seat can help tremendously with preventing hair loss and retaining moisture.

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