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Guest Post : 5 Reasons Why I’m Skeptical of The Dream Kids Detangler Miracle Texture Manageability System

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Happy Friday and Happy Afrokids day. For today’s post on kids natural haircare, I thought I should share my opinion on a new “texture manageability” system for kids by African Pride. I recently learned about this hair product on where it was promoted reviewed. This was new to me because I had no idea that the kids version of this controversial hair product exists. The adult version of the product was reviewed in detail by Christina on BGLH. Jc of Natural Haven also did a scientific review on this hair product.

While browsing the site to get more info about the product, I immediately found 5 statements which made me question the hidden real messages behind the entire line. Being analytical, I decided to break down each statement which made me frown in 5 points below.

“AMAZING Reversible Straightening TEXTURE MANAGEABILITY SYSTEM. Whether curly, coily or relaxed, the new Reversible Straightening Texture Manageability System gives you remarkable quick and easy, tangle-free styles that your little curlies will love.”

1. While I applaud this company for their catchy title, colorful packaging and happy kid models, I can’t help but frown at words such as “amazing”, “remarkable quick and easy, tangle free” and the fact that the product is for “curly, coily or relaxed” hair. While there’s nothing wrong with parents wanting quick and easy hairstyles for their little ones, I still don’t think that they need a “miracle” product to achieve this. They only need to do a quick search for easy hairstyles on sites such as Pinterest for easy styles such as two strand twists, buns and chunky flat twists. And if tangles are a problem, they can reduce this by keeping the child’s hair in some sort of style so that the hair stays stretched and bounded.

“For the first time, achieve up to 4 to 6 weeks of long-lasting manageability, plus straight styles without altering your child’s hair texture so she can go back to natural at any time.”

2. The product claims that the system should last up to 6 weeks and your child can return to her natural curls at anytime. But common, 6 weeks? This means that the child has to run away from water so her hair stays straight for as long as possible. Kids shouldn’t be restricted from being kids just because they’re afraid of messing up their hair. Good hair hygiene needs to trump nice looking hair at all times.

I also don’t understand what marketers mean by “straight styles without altering your child’s hair texture“. I’d be happy if someone can explain this to me, because I had to scratch my head after reading it.

“Excellent for relaxed hair, perfect touch-ups to extend the life of your relaxer.”

3. Hold on, I thought this product is for curly kids? What does relaxed hair have to do with this product? Is this a “sneaky” relaxer? Hmm, now I’m not sure what this product is.

“Great way to blend relaxed and natural textures when transitioning to natural.”

4. Good point! But a child who is transitioning should be slowly learning how to embrace her new curly roots so that her hair won’t be completely strange to her when the straight ends are completely gone. There’s no need for a child to “hide” her new roots just so it can blend with the relaxed portion which will soon be cut off.

To eliminate the hassle which comes with managing two different textures, the mom can do braided hairstyles and have the child wear braid outs on the weekends or once in a while, so that the he gets to see her BIG hair.

5. While I understand that there are struggling mothers out there who are doing their best to manage their daughter’s hair, I still believe that they are very fortunate to be living in such a time where there are so many resources available to them if they would only search for it. Natural hair can be very difficult to manage if the person is always comparing her hair to other people’s hair and are convinced that they need a miracle product (relaxer or texturizer) to help them manage their hair.

Mothers who have been very successful in caring for their children’s hair are those who have also been successful in caring for their own hair and are determined to pass on the knowledge to their children.

I’m not against anyone changing up their hair texture at any given time, but I would think twice if the decision making involves a child. Although the happy kids in the commercial below would make any struggling mother want to try this product.

But where is the deep conditioning treatment in this product?

What do you think about this product? Have you tried it on your little one? Would you try it? What other hidden messages do you see with this product and what alternatives would you offer to parents who can’t manage their daughter’s hair?

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