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6 Ways to Help Kids Love Their Natural Hair

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Despite the increasing popularity and acceptance of natural hairstyles, many children still struggle with acceptance of their own natural hair.

Here are a few ways that you can ensure that your child will love their hair:

1. Stop Comparing

Even if you think that your child isn’t listening to your conversations, they are. The things that you say about hair and how you describe it greatly impact your child. If you are constantly speaking highly of someone else’s hair texture that is different from your child’s, then they will begin to think that their hair is less than desirable. Praise their natural hair early and often to make them feel positive about their curls, kinks or waves. Use positive words when describing natural hair like: soft, thick, lustrous, pretty, healthy, shiny, gorgeous, and amazing.

2. Nurture Their Hair

Children depend on adults to care for and maintain their hair. If they see that their hair is properly cared for, then they will see the value in their hair. Develop a hair care routine that includes regular shampooing and deep conditioning. Choose hairstyles that don’t require a lot of discomfort or pain during the process so that they don’t associate hairstyling with anything negative. If you are having difficulty maintaining and styling your child’s hair, then seek help from a natural hairstylist. There are tons of beautiful hairstyles available for any hair type that can be achieved with few tears and resistance.

3. Let Them Pick Their Hairstyle

If you are like most parents, then sometimes you may run out of creative ideas for your child’s hair. In this case, ask for their input or have them pick out a hairstyle from our design gallery. Let them add their own personal touch to the style by having them pick out some cute barrettes or a headband.

Children like to be included in decision making, especially when it pertains to them. By allowing them to make decisions about their hair, you are ensuring that they will be happy with the style and more confident when wearing it out.

4. Point Out Other Children Who Wear Their Hair Natural

See a kid on television, in a magazine or at the store with gorgeous natural hair? Point it out to your kids. They’ll pick up on your positive messages and have an appreciation for various textures. Make an effort to point out all types of natural hair, including various lengths, types and colors.

5. Lead By Example

Parents are one of the biggest influences on their children. The best way to help your child love their hair is if you actively show them how much you love your own natural hair. If you’re constantly talking about how much you hate your hair, or how difficult it is to style, your child will absorb and internalize all that negativity. Little girls love to emulate their mothers, so if you embrace your hair texture, odds are, she will embrace her hair texture too.

6. My Doll Looks Like Me

Finding dolls that look like our children have always been difficult for parents of natural hair kids. There are African-American dolls available, however, more often than not, those dolls all had straight, fine hair. Seeing a need to create dolls that more closely resemble our curly cuties, a lot of companies have created dolls that show off many different curl types and textures.


What are some ways that you help your curly cutie love their hair?