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5 Signs Your Child’s Hair is Damaged

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While we don’t intentionally try to damage our curly cutie’s tresses, we oftentimes miss the tell tale signs of hair damage. Hair damage is generally caused by damage to and over extension of the cuticle layer of the hair shaft. This can come from blow-drying, wind, harsh shampoos and chemical treatments (perms), as well as other heat-styling methods and environmental influences.

Find out if your child’s hair is showing these signs of damage:

1.) Hair breaks easily and constantly. If your sink or floor is covered with short strands of hair, odds are your child’s hair is damaged.

Hair Shedding

2.) It always feels severely dry and rough. If you never moisturize your child’s hair, then it’s almost guaranteed to be dry and brittle.


3.) The hair is full of split ends. Take one strand of hair and examine it. If the strand has small hairlike branches sticking out, then that is a split end. If you see a lot of split ends, then it’s definitely time to consider trimming your little one’s hair.

Split hair ends

4.) Hair tangles a lot. Damaged hair often tangles due to single strand knots and frayed hair fibers.

tangled hair

5.) Hair isn’t elastic. Healthy hair can stretch about one-third beyond its normal length, without breaking, and return to its original state. If you take a strand of your child’s hair and stretch it and it breaks quickly without having stretched it far, then it is more than likely damaged.

elastic hair