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2017 Holiday Coupon Book Feature

Hey There!

Is it too soon to talk about Christmas? Of course not! Your competitors are already ramping up their holiday marketing campaigns and you should be too!

Our readers (i.e. your future customers) are already talking about Christmas and asking us if we have the inside scoop on upcoming holiday specials with dope businesses like yours! So we’d thought we’d reach out to see what you had cooking on your end.

Since our 2016 Holiday Coupon Book was such a success, we’ll be launching our 2nd Annual 2016 Holiday Coupon Book a little earlier this year so that we can really get the word out and create an even bigger viral buzz!

If you are interested in some inexpensive advertising and marketing for your business then you’ll want to read on! (And by inexpensive, I mean like $9 advertising!)

2017 Holiday Gift Guide Business Feature

Due to the overwhelming participation of last year’s businesses, I expect an even larger turnout this year! Since I’ll be the one curating, designing, and promoting this massive coupon book, it will require quite a few cups of coffee (Venti Salted Caramel Mochas with extra whip, to be exact! lol). To help fuel this massive undertaking, I am asking a basic $9 listing fee just so that I don’t have to use toothpicks to keep my eyelids open .

Don’t yet see the benefit in joining us?
Click on the image to see one business’ sales in a WEEKEND due to last years Coupon Book.*

So, what does $9 get you? 

  • Inclusion in one of the most popular Holiday Coupon Books of 2017
  • Free advertising on Facebook
  • Free advertising on Instagram
  • Free advertising on Pinterest
  • Free advertising on our mailing list of over 6,500 subscribers
  • Free advertising on our private Facebook group with over 8,000 members

Whenever we advertise this coupon book (and we are going to advertise the heck outta this book) you will get free advertising for your business!

Are there additional options to get placed at the top of the list?

YES! In addition to our $9 basic listing we also have a “Featured Listing” which costs $50 and will put your business at the top of the list for your specific category.  (The sooner you purchase this option, the higher you’ll be!)

Our “Favorites Listing” includes all of the benefits of the Featured Listing but also gives your business an additional listing in our Natural Hair Kids Favorite Products section (the first section of the book)!

Want in? Purchase your listing type below and once completed email us at [email protected] with the below info: 

  1. Company Name:
  2. Website Address:
  3. Brief description of the products that you offer:
  4. Coupon Code:
    (We recommend using code nhk2017 so that you can accurately track customers coming from this coupon book. Make sure the coupon is active and available from now until January 1, 2017.)
  5. Coupon/Offer details (i.e. $10 off orders of $50 or more):
  6. Are you Black, Woman, and/or Minority owned?
  7. Please also submit your logo to [email protected] and reference your invoice number


2017 Holiday Gift Guide Business Feature

By including your business in our coupon book, you too are helping our readers by giving them an opportunity to try your products at a discount!

We will be doing ALL of the advertising for this book, so all you have to do is sit back and collect these coins!






*Your sales may vary.

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